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What is UiPath?

It is easy to function with UiPath’s simple interface. It has cognitive capabilities that serve as a big advantage to it. Are you pondering over starting a career in RPA? Then call (+91 8825410600) Maho Jase for a free demo session and experience the quality of training.

The business analysts who want to automate business processes in their organizations can make use of Uipath. It is a Windows desktop Robotic Process Automation software. Any repetitive task a user carries out on his computer comprising data entry, data or content migration etc. can be automated using Uipath.

Our Free Tutorial Video Content on UiPath:

Why UiPath?

  • UiPath provides gain to the business and also enhances accuracy of the total business functions.
  • UiPath is framed to work on a wide spectrum of complex, rule-based processes.
  • UiPath helps communication with other systems in a way as human would do.

Nowadays several industries are using UiPath tool. The key is that RPA software robot never takes rest, makes no errors and is quicker.

What will you gain from UiPath training from MJIT?

MJIT believes that students learn best when they practically get engaged rather than learning theoretically. Hence the training at MJIT consist more of practical sessions. This type of approach lets the student to gain profound knowledge and foster highly efficient skill set.

Since UiPath is a top process automation tool MJIT provides indepth classroom and online training on the same. We work with the motto to deliver #Shiko #Hodo ( #Learn #Grow) that makes the candidate successful.

Who can attend UiPath Training ?

There is amazing scope for every IT person in the emerging field of UiPath.

  • Business Process Employees
  • Developers and Testers (Manual / Automation)
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Administrators
  • Architects
  • Job Seekers


UiPath Training Content – 25 Hours

Getting Started with RPA

Issues with Traditional Automation Systems

What is RPA?

Benefits of RPA

How does RPA work

Applications of RPA in Industries

RPA Life Cycle: Stages

Types of Exception in RPA

RPA Vendors and Tools

Introduction to UiPath Automation

Products of UiPath

UiPath Studio

Types of Projects in UiPath

UiPath Robot

UiPath Orchestrator

State Machine

UiPath Elements and Activities

UiPath Elements

System Activities

Managing Variables

Arguments in UiPath

Imported Namespaces in UiPath

UiPath Events

User Events

Application Integration

Scraping in UiPath

Recording Types in UiPath

Selector Types in UiPath

UI Explorer

Workflow and PDF Automation in UiPath

Workflow in UiPath

Data Manipulation

PDF Automation in UiPath

Programming in UiPath

Programming in UiPath

Debugging and Exceptions in UiPath

RegEx in UiPath

Orchestrator Modules in UiPath



Roles and triggers

Assets and Queues

Robotic Enterprise Framework

Overview of ReFramework

ReFramework Architecture: Stages

Config File

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