Delivery and Exchange Policy for Digital Products


  1. Digital Products and Services: Upon purchase or subscription to our digital services or products:
    • Immediate Access: For software licenses, access credentials, training materials, or any digital content, customers will typically receive an email containing the necessary links or access details within 24 hours of purchase.
    • Service Commencement: For services such as IT training, consulting, or digital marketing, our team will reach out to schedule or initiate the service within 48 hours of confirmation.


  1. Digital Services and Products: Exchanges for our digital offerings are managed on a case-by-case basis:
    • Service Dissatisfaction: If a customer is not satisfied with a particular service rendered, they are encouraged to reach out to our support team within 7 days of service completion. We'll work closely with the customer to address concerns or offer alternative solutions.
    • Product Issues: If customers face technical issues or believe a digital product is not as described, they should contact our support within 7 days of purchase for resolution or potential exchange options.

Note: As we're committed to ensuring customer satisfaction, we urge customers to provide detailed feedback during any exchange or resolution process. This helps us continually improve and serve you better.

Maho Jase Institute of Technology, deals only with Digital products and no Physical Products.

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