Welcome To Maho Jase Institute of Technology

Maho Jase Institute of Technology is a place where we train people and make them into professionals. Here we train  IT Service Automation with the knowledge on the various aspects of IMS and also provide the interrelation between the technologies and departments.

  • We are here to provide training on IT Service Automation not to target only IT Professionals or IT Employees.
  • We are here to help Final Year students to make their idea come true in the Stream of IMS and IT Service Automation.
  • We are also in plan of providing Basic training on IoT and Robotics, which will even help non IT eligible students to enhance their knowledge.


We want to spread the IT Service Automation to the world, also we want all colleges and polytechnic students of India to be aware of this stream and the Scope of the same in Industry. In same line, we need to provide Quality IT Service Automation Training. We also want to provide Corporate trainings with multiple Start-Up and MNC.


We need to spread IT Service Automation to minimum one Quarter of the Polytechnic Colleges of Tamil Nadu within 2022 and Get Tied with 5 Start-up companies and Automate their IMS.


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