Free Webinar - Linux LVM

UrbanPro Zoom 2020-05-16 17:00:51 0

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This is a free webinar on the Linux Disk Management.

Linux Disk Management is something which is important for all the Linux Developer and Automation Experts.

  1. Overview about disk mgmt.
  2. How to create partition?
  3. How mount a Partition ?
  4. Explaining About LVM ?
  5. Why we need LVM & advantages of LVM ?
  6. How to to create LVM partition?
  7. How to Extent the LVM Partition?


Dhinakaran Linux & Ansible Trainer Photo
Dhinakaran has almost 6+ years of Experience in IT and related fields. He can able to train people on Linux, Ansible, Docker and Cloud.
He has vast experiece as System Administrator and Trainer.
You can reach him via [email protected]

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