Python for IT Automation

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2021-05-30 0 18:00 to 19:00 IST - Free Webinar on Python for IT Automation via Microsoft Teams Click To Register

Python for IT Automation

Python offers many features and also options with which IT Admins or System admins can Automate their Day to Day activities and any complex cloud tasks.

Python has now become an integral part of IT Industry. Multiple tools across industry uses Python as its core/base language above which the tolls are built. Hence with Python we can automate or manage most of the tools, clouds, applications.


Who can be the participants?

  • System Admins
  • L1, L2 or L3 Support people
  • Fresh Graduates to procure automation skills and get employed
  • Aspiring working professionals who want to attain expert-level knowledge in IT Script Automation
  • Fresh graduates and young professionals
  • School/College/Diploma Students

Session Timing - 30-May-2021 - 18:00 IST to 19:00 IST - 1 Hour Free Webinar

Meeting Link - Click the following link and login as guest - Teams


Steps to Join the Meeting:

  1.  Open the link in browser
  2.  Cancel the pop-up and click on Continue on this browser
  3.  Allow the camera and microphone (if the page doesn't load, click refresh button)
  4.  Enter a name and join
  • Introduction of Python
  • Why Python
  • How Python is used in industry
  • Role of Python in IT Automation
  • What and all we can Automate using Python
  • Demo on IT Automation using Python

Anand Parthiban

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