Special Webinar on Python Web Development for Students and Freshers

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Python Web Development with Django & Flask Webinar

Python offers many frameworks in Web Development from which to choose from including bottle.py, Flask, CherryPy, Pyramid, Django, and web2py. These frameworks have been used to power some of the world’s most popular sites such as Spotify, Mozilla, Reddit, the Washington Post, and Yelp.

Python web development programming will allow you to learn how to use the Django console and scripts to work with your application objects interactively. Python web development training at MJIT is the most trusted platform that provides you the most comprehensive course on Python and its ecosystem. We have trained more than 100’s of students till now on Python and have received an immense response.


Who can be the participants?

  • Fresh Graduates to procure programming skills and get employed
  • Aspiring working professionals who want to attain expert-level knowledge in full-stack development
  • Fresh graduates and young professionals
  • School/College/Diploma Students

Session Timing - 23-May-2021 - 18:00 IST to 19:00 IST - 1 Hour Free Webinar

Meeting Link - Click the following link and login as guest - Teams

Steps to Join the Meeting:

  1.  Open the link in browser
  2.  Cancel the pop-up and click on Continue on this browser
  3.  Allow the camera and microphone (if the page doesn't load, click refresh button)
  4.  Enter a name and join

Python Web Development with Django & Flask Webinar - Agenda

  • What is a website
  • What is a Framework
  • Top 5 Frameworks in Python
  • Difference between a micro-framework and a full-stack framework
  • Flask framework 
  • Companies who use Flask
  • Meet Django
  • Django is based on MVT (Model-View-Template) architecture
  • Top 10 Django Apps And Why Companies Are Using it?


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