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What is Tableau?

Tableau Software is an American interactive data visualization software company founded in January 2003 by Christian Chabot, Pat Hanrahan and Chris Stolte, in Mountain View, California. The company is currently headquartered in Seattle, Washington, United States focused on business intelligence.

Tableau Training Content – 25 Hours


Sub Topics

Introduction to Data Visualization

What is Data Visualization?


Why is it needed?


Uses of Tableau


Architecture of Tableau


Installation of Tableau Desktop


Tableau Products

Connecting to Data

Tableau Home Page


Data Source Page


Connecting to Text and Excel Files


Connecting to Databases


Live and Extract Connections


Using and Refreshing Extracts


Clipboard Data

Tableau Environment

Tableau Window Partitions


Visual Cues in Tableau


Dimensions, Measures


Continuous and Discrete


Generated Fields


Workbooks and Sheets


Show me

Basic Visualizations

Line Chart


Bar Chart


Area Charts


Text Tables


High Light Tables


Totals and Sub Totals


Creating Charts Using "Show Me"


Highlight Tables


Flavoured Bar Charts


Heat Maps & Tree Maps


Area Charts & Bubble Charts


Scatter Plots


Gantt Bars & Lollipop Charts

Building Data Views







Bins and Histogram


Pause Automatic Updates

Building Interactive Views





Calculated Fields


Table Calculations


Conditional Formatting

Maps and Geo Coding

Mapping Basics


Symbol Maps


Filled Maps


Editing Locations


Map Options


Map Layers


WMS Servers


Sorting in Maps


Polygon Maps


Creating Calculated Fields


Number Functions


String Functions


Date Functions


LODs and its Types

Playing with Time

Built in Hierarchy


Creating Hierarchy


Quick Table Calculations


Custom Table Calculations




Trend Lines

Advanced Analysis



Clusters in Data


Reference Lines & Reference Bands


Distribution Bands




Grand Totals & Sub Totals


Summary Card

Data Blending

What is Data Blending?


Uses of Data Blending


Cross Data Base Joins


Report creation using Data Blending

Present Your Work

Actions and its types






Drop lines


Log Axes


Exporting Data

Dashboards and Story

What is a Dashboard?


Create a Dashboard


Refine Dashboard


Dashboard Objects


Actions in Dashboard


Create a Story Board


Options in Story Board

Advance Visualizations

Dual Combination Charts


Box & Whisker Plots


Motion Charts


Pareto Analysis


Waterfall Charts


Market Basket Analysis


Funnel Charts


Donut Charts

Performance Tuning

How to Optimize workbook performance


How to record the Performance?

Publishing Your Work

How to Publish Data Sources?


How to Publish Worksheets & Workbooks

Tableau Server

Introduction To Tableau Server


Tableau Server Architecture


Basic options in Tableau Server