Shell Scripting

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Best Linux Shell Script Training at Chennai | Best Shell Scripting Technology Online Training

This Course Qualify for MJIT Linux Shell Scripting Certification / Certificate

What is the benefit of learning Shell Scripting?

  • Unix/Linux Shell scripts can execute without any additional effort on nearly any modern UNIX / Linux / BSD / Mac OS X operating system as they are written an interpreted language
  • Unix/Linux Shell scripts are useful for automating processes that you repeat at the prompt
  • The command and syntax are exactly the same as those directly entered in command line,user does not require extra effort to switch syntax
  • Shell script enables quick completion of tasks in Unix environment

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Why Shell Scripting?

  • Combine lengthy and repetitive sequences of commands into a single
  • Quick to create a shell script
  • Repetitive task automation.
  • Create own utilities/tools
  • Automating command input or entry
  • Time saving
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Interactive debugging

Uses of Shell Scripting:

  • Monitoring your Linux system.
  • Create email based alert systems
  • Manage administrative tasks
  • Task automation
  • Monitor several tasks
  • Data backup
  • System boot scripts
  • Application startup scripts, especially unattended applications

Why to learn Linux Shell Scripting with us?

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Benefits of learning with us:

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Linux Shell Scripting Training Content – 15 Hours


Sub – Topics

UNIX & Shell Introduction

Unix Features, Unix System V, Standards

Script Basics

Which shell?


Recommended shell


Creating a Script


How to execute a script


Exit status


Shell Debugging Features


Lab Session


Introduction to Variables


Variable Assignment


Displaying and using variables


Escape Characters


Concatenation and sub-strings


Positional parameters


Reading from the keyboard


If, else If




logical operators && || -a –o !


Conditional operators




Working with Process Commandlets


Working with the Services Commandlets