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Learn Task Automation with Python for just Rs. 20000

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What is the benefit of learning Python?

  • Python most trusted hybrid language
  • Python is the widely used language in DataScience, Data Analysis, Data Visualization and recently in Block Chain
  • According to recent research, Python is the most popular language across all the Streams of IT
  • Importantly Python adds value to carrier

Why Python?

  • Easy, Powerful and Versatile
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Cross Platform
  • Fastest Object Oriented
  • simple coding
  • Anyone can Learn
  • Open Source
  • Platform independent
  • Extended Library Support to various technologies
  • User friendly Data Structures
  • Interactive Shell

Uses of Python:

  • Automating System tasks on Multiple platforms
  • Automating Administration tasks
  • Cloud Platform Automation
  • Task Automation
  • Process Automation
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Science Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning and much more

Why to learn Python with us?

  • Best in class
  • Have expertise who works in realtime
  • Practical Classes only
  • Mentor Support

Benefits of learning with us:

  • Not just 1 but Many
  • Not just theory but Practical
  • Not just workstation but Production
  • Not just we provide but we encourage
  • Not just we train but we help
  • Not just learn but grow

Python Training - 35 Hours

1.Introduction of python


Python version


Python Comments

Python data types

Python Variables

Python input function

2.Python Syntax                       

String Literals

Multiline strings

String and arrays


Negative indexing

String length

String Methods

String Concatenation

String Format

3.Python operators                  

Arithmetic operator

Assignment operators

Comparision operators

Logical operators

Identity operators

Membership operators

Bitwise operators

4.Python Control Statements           

Decision Making Statements- If, if else, elseif

Looping Statements - While, for

Jumping statements- Break, Continue

5.Python Array Collections

Python List

Python Tuple

Python Set

Python Dictionary

6. Python Functions                          

Recursion Function

Python Lambda Function

Python Scope

Python Module           

7. Python OOP concepts              





8. Capstone Project

Anand Parthiban

Ashokraj K P

Hiran Ram Babu


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