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What is the benefit of learning PowerShell?

  • PowerShell is very good choice for many IT administrators, since it can simplify the management operations in large corporate networks.

  • It is most widely used scripting language to control and automate (Linux, macOS, and Windows)operating system tasks and application

  • It is an user friendly scripting language which helps you to do cross product management

  • PowerShell does not fade in IT automation and it adds simplification to automate stuff

Why PowerShell?

  • PowerShell is both a command-line shell and scripting language
  • Can interact with multiple technologies
  • Easy to learn and understand
  • PowerShell is Object based and not Text based scripting language
  • No prior Programming knowledge is required
  • User friendly language
  • Allows easy access to data
  • Learn once and apply to any product

Uses of PowerShell:

  • Task and process automation
  • Background Jobs
  • Automate mundane tasks quickly
  • Manage entire infra effectively
  • Cloud platform automation
  • Automate GUIs
  • Get/Manage content in web page over internet
  • Manage different applications with modules and snapins
  • APIs to interact with third party tools

Why to learn PowerShell with us?

  • Best in class
  • Have expertise who works in realtime
  • Practical Classes only
  • Mentor Support

Benefits of learning with us:

  • Not just 1 but Many
  • Not just theory but Practical
  • Not just workstation but Production
  • Not just we provide but we encourage
  • Not just we train but we help
  • Not just learn but grow


PowerShell Training Content – 16 Hours



PowerShell Introduction

Working with PowerShell


What is a shell?


Types of shell


PowerShell features


PowerShell Aliases


Customizing Your Prompt


Built-In Commands and PowerShell commnadlets and usage of unix Commands

Script Basics

Which shell?


Pseudo code before writing script


Creating a Script


How to execute a script


Exit status


Debugging Features


Introduction to Variables


Variable Assignment


Displaying and using variables


Variable Attributes


Quoting Variables


Escape Characters


Concatenation and sub-strings

Contents of a Shell Script

Postional parameters


Command line arguments


Passing Arguments to Scripts


Reading from the keyboard


If, else If




logical operators && || -a –o !


Conditional operators



File Management

File and Folder commandlets


Copying files


Removing files


Moving files


Managing Multiple files


Removing folders


Relative vs. Complete Pathnames


Other file Commandlets


Other folder Commandlets


Standard input & output devices


Redirecting output and appending output

Execution of Script & Module

Understanding the PowerShell Version


Help in PowerShell


Identifying the Execution Policy and update the same


PowerShell Modules and Usage

Finding Files

The find commandlets


Working with Process Commandlets


Working with the Services Commandlets

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