Microsoft Power BI

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Learn Microsoft Power BI with experts of MJIT, how to connect to and visualize data, growing skills that help drive a data culture so that everyone can make better decisions based on data.

Learn how you can leverage Power BI to easily build reports and dashboards with interactive visualizations and see how other organizations have used this solution to drive business results with actionable insights

Microsoft Power Bi- 25 Hour

Introduction to Excel

Tabs, options in excel

Name managers

Using name manager for data validation


Custom sorting


Sorting left to right

Advanced sorting with multiple options

Advanced filter options

Pivot tables

Power Bl Introduction

Connecting to database, basic transformation

Managing queries, splitting columns

Modifying data types


Connecting to folders

Data modeling

Data relationships

Calculated columns

Quick measures

Optimize models

Calculated measures

Visualizations in Power Bl

Create and format visualizations

Hierarchical axis and concatenating


Combo charts


Clustering data


Data behind visualization

Scatter charts

Tables and matrixes

Duplicates, categories with no data

Aligning, hierarchies

Charts in Power Bl

Combo charts

Custom visual store

Date slicer

Waterfall and funnel charts

Grouping and binning

Map visualizations

Report measures

Tables and matrices

Excel Data & Collaboration in Power Bl

Upload an excel table

Excel data with Bl content

Pinning excels tables

Analyze in excel

Power Bl Service

Overview of dashboards

Publish from Power Bl

Get insights

Pinning on dashboards, dashboard tiles, display options

Adding widgets

Navigating content

Filter the list in navigating pane

Dashboard settings

Sharing, print and export dashboards

Focus mode






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Online 20 30000
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