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Graphic Design is the process of creating visually appealing content that can convey a message, story, or concept. Students master designing logos, cover pages, thumbnails, and banners by studying a Graphic Design course


Graphic design- 105 Hours

Introduction to Graphic Design (4 hours)

What is graphic design?

Brief history of graphic design

Different types of graphic design

Overview of the design process

Design Principles (8 hours)

Visual hierarchy

Balance and symmetry

Contrast and color



Proportion and scale

Adobe Photoshop (20 hours)

Basic tools and functions

Layers and layer masks

Image manipulation

Photo retouching

Creating visual effects

Designing with text

Creating graphics for the web

Adobe Illustrator (20 hours)

Basic tools and functions

Creating and editing shapes

Working with text

Creating logos and icons

Creating vector graphics

Designing for print

Designing for the web

Adobe InDesign (16 hours)

Layout design principles

Creating multi-page documents

Text formatting

Working with images and graphics

Preparing documents for print

Branding and Identity Design (12 hours)

Understanding branding

Creating a brand identity

Developing a visual language

Creating a style guide

Web Design (16 hours)

User experience design

Web design principles

Creating wireframes and prototypes

Responsive design

Designing for different devices

Portfolio Development (8 hours)

Showcasing your work

Presenting your portfolio

Building an online portfolio

Self-promotion and networking

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