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Programming Online 20 Hours

Best Python Training in Chennai | Best Python Boot Camp Online Training

What is the benefit of learning Python?

  • Python most trusted hybrid language
  • Python is the widely used language in Web Development, DataScience, Data Analysis, Data Visualization and recently in Block Chain
  • According to recent research, Python is the most popular language across all the Streams of IT
  • Importantly Python adds value to carrier

Why Python?

  • Easy, Powerful and Versatile
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Cross Platform
  • Fastest Object Oriented
  • simple coding
  • Anyone can Learn
  • Open Source
  • Platform independent
  • Extended Library Support to various technologies
  • User friendly Data Structures
  • Interactive Shell

Uses of Python:

  • Automating System tasks on Multiple platforms
  • Automating Administration tasks
  • Cloud Platform Automation
  • Task Automation
  • Web Development
  • Process Automation
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Science Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning and much more

Why to learn Python with us?

  • Best in class
  • Have expertise who works in realtime
  • Practical Classes only
  • Mentor Support

Benefits of learning with us:

  • Not just 1 but Many
  • Not just theory but Practical
  • Not just workstation but Production
  • Not just we provide but we encourage
  • Not just we train but we help
  • Not just learn but grow

Python Boot Camp-20 hours

1 Introduction to languages and Scripting
2 Difference b/w Scripting and Programming
3 What is Python?
4 How different is Python than other language
5 Pre-requisites to learn Python
6 Download and install Python on Widows
7 Download and install Python on Linux
8 What is an IDE and its benefits?
9 Install VSCode
10 What is a Syntax?
11 How to print something using Python?
12 What is literals, Variables, Statement, Functions?
13 How to get input from User?
14 Comments in Python
15 Different Literals in Python
16 Different Statements in Python (If, nested if, if else ladder., )
17 Different Loops in Python (for, while)
18 What is a module and how to use that in python?


Mr. Hiran Ram Babu

Mr. AshokRaj KP