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Course Description 

This Atlassian Special DevOps course is designed to provide students with the necessary skills and abilities to work as a Level 1 & 2 DevOps Engineer. The course covers most of the Atlassian products - Jira, Bitbucket, Bamboo, Confluence and Docker Basics with Artifactory as storage repository, to code build deploy application using CI & CD pipeline using Windows infrastructure. It also covers how to use state-of-the-art Infrastructure administration techniques in real-life scenarios via practical labs. This Course eligible for an MJIT Certification.



Students & Freshers: 

Computer science, Information Technology & Circuit Branches Students from 2nd Year to Final Year, and People who know better Operating System and Application understanding and willing to learn Automation.


  • Desktop Support Engineers 

  • System Administrator  

  • Developers & Testers 

  • Infrastructure Engineers

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Benefit of Joining this course with MJIT 

  • Certificate – Hard Copy and Soft Copy 

  • Our training is designed as per production grade 

  • Trainers has Realtime experience 

  • Concentrate more on Basics/Fundamentals

  • Mock interviews 

  • Post training support 

  • Job assistance 

  • LinkedIn & Naukri Profile highlighter 

  • Multiple methods of Assessments 

  • Assessments based on real-time project 

  • Giveaway – T Shirt, Mugs, Pens, Phot Frame, Access to Paid Contents etc., 

  • Discount on next training 


Technologies Used

  • Operating system Windows
  • Oracle virtual box application
  • PowerShell



  • Basic understanding of Software development lifecycle


Intended outcome of the course

On completion of this course the student should be able to:

  • Work as a SRE (DevOps Engineer) in an intermittent role.
  • Installing and managing software in a Windows Servers
  • Collaborate in teams on system tasks.

Real Time Usage

  • Devops Environment


Outcome Assessment Strategies

  • Students will complete projects comprised of user documentation, message preparation, file preparation, manipulation and computerized reporting, Task completion, Documentation will demonstrate good organization and readability.
  • Manage users and groups by adding/deleting/modifying, modifying user processes and resources.
  • Project work will also involve group participation.
  • MCQs will demonstrate the technical skills


Students will demonstrate competency on exam(s) which are constructed to demonstrate

  • Written technical communication and effective use of concepts and terminology.
  • Ability to deploy application servers on infrastructure

Atlassian DevOps Automation Course Training Content - 12 Hours



DevOps Overview

Day 1

Automation Basics


CI & CD Product Lifecycle


Tools used


Atlassian Tools




Day 2


Planning and tracking using Jira




Linking pull requests and Builds

Basic Admin Activities



Day 3

Version Control


Git Bash and ssh key configuration

Merge and Pull request with Basic Administration






Day 4

Plan configuration with Unit test

Admin Activities




Build, push and use of Docker images




Day 5



Upload, pull and use of Docker images and tools


CLI based interaction with Artifactory


Day 6


Code Analysis tools


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Online 12 Hours 19999
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