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Best Automation Foundation Course Online | Best Automation Foundation Course in Chennai

Course Description 

This Automation Foundation course is Combo course designed to provide students with the necessary skills and abilities to work as a Level 1 Automation Engineer. The course covers Basic of Linux operating system, Shell Script & Ansible. CentOS, how to operate and concepts by which you can efficiently build and manage an enterprise infrastructure. It also covers how to use state-of-the-art Infrastructure administration techniques in real-life scenarios via practical labs. This Course eligible for an MJIT Certification. 



Students & Freshers: 

Computer science, Information Technology & Circuit Branches Students from 2nd Year to Final Year, and People who know better Operating System and Application understanding and willing to learn Automation.


  • Desktop Support Engineers 

  • System Administrator  

  • Developers & Testers 

  • Infrastructure Engineers

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Benefit of Joining this course with MJIT 

  • Certificate – Hard Copy and Soft Copy 

  • Our training is designed as per production grade 

  • Trainers has Realtime experience 

  • Concentrate more on Basics/Fundamentals 

  • Mock interviews 

  • Post training support 

  • Job assistance 

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  • Multiple methods of Assessments 

  • Assessments based on real-time project 

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  • Discount on next training 


Technologies Used 

  • Operating system CentOS 7 

  • Oracle virtual box application 

  • Putty application 



  • No Prior Knowledge Required  


Intended outcome of the course 

On completion of this course the student should be able to: 

  • Manage Enterprise level Linux Infrastructure   

  • Strong Knowledge on fundamentals  

  • Installing and managing software in a Linux Servers  

  • Collaborate in teams on system tasks. 

Automation Foundation Course Training Content - 14 Hours


Technology Content



Day 1 

Overview of the LINUX Operating System 


Executing Commands from the Command Line 


Determining Where you are in the Directory Structure 


Viewing File Content 


Copying Files and Directories 


Using Vi Editor  

Day 2 

User Management 


File permission 


Package Management 

Day 3 

SSH Configuration 


Shell Scripting 

Day 4 

Introduction to scripting 


Standards of scripting 


Basic script 






file processing 












Describe the terminology an architecture of Ansible. 




Ansible Inventory 

Day 7 

Ad Hoc commands 


Implementing Playbooks


Writing and Running Playbooks 


Implementing Multiple Plays