Introduction to Azure


Introduction to Azure

As the name suggests it is a blog post on Introduction to Azure. We going to introduce the below services in this Blog post:

What is Azure
Azure Virtual Machines (VM)
Disk and it types
Virtual Network
Availability Set

What is Azure?

Azure is a cloud computing platform and an online portal that allows you to access and manage cloud services and resources provided by Microsoft. Introduction to Azure, Azure Virtual Machines (VM), Operating System, Disk, Virtual Network, Availability Set..
Microsoft azure has flexible resources which can be scaled up and down as needed and no need worry about Infrastructure
It is highly reliable with High Availability and 24x7 support
Azure offer to "pay as you use" pricing plan
Azure support backup and disaster recovery tools
You can navigate to Azure by clicking Azure Portal


What is Azure VM?

Azure virtual machine is one of the wide range of services that Azures offers to create your instance each virtual machine provides its own virtual hardware including CPU, Memory, Hard Disk Drives, Network Interfaces and other devices.

Benefits of Azure virtual machine

  • Easy Developed and test
  • Agility and scale
  • Enhanced performance
  • Pay-as-you use pricing
  • Extended date centre
  • Disaster recovery

Virtual Compute components

Virtual Machine in Azure comes under compute services and it can be used with other services like disk, images, Availability set, host and many more


Operating System

It is one of the main components of Azure. OS helps to host the applications on Azure.To name some of the OS options available in Azure Virtual Machine are Ubuntu, Red Hat, Linux, Windows Server Datacenter and Cent OS


Azure Virtual Machine are attached Virtual Hard Disks (VHD) for storage. There are two types of VHD (Virtual Hard Disk)
  1. Images
  2. Disk
           Images: it is a template for creation of new azure VM
           Disk: It is a bootable VHD that can be used as mountable VM pages blobs. Backup all the te disk in Azure storage and inherit the benefits of blob storage.The disk are mounted as drives on the VM.

Virtual Network

On physical infrastructure many components operate the Virtual Machine in scalable and secure manner. The components could include equipment such as separate Network, Load Balancer, Firewalls and more. These are components are deployed in Azure Network

Availability set

Sometimes, there slight chance that could be failure in physical server in case a failure occurs, the Azure platform will migrate the failed VM to a healthy host server to reconstitute the VM. 
Its is recommended to deploy at least two instances of the VM. VMs placed in an availability set should perform and identical set of functionalities


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